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  • Refinishing Plastic

    Hi, guys.

    I have a 1951 Buick and the black plastic around the outside of the steering wheel is cracked and pitted. I'd like to "refinish" the plastic by filling it in with suitable filler, sanding and polishing.

    The Question: What would those of you experienced in plastics recommend as a filler? It has to survive in a typical automotive environment. I.e., baking sun, freezing cold, lots of UV radiation, daily vibration from driving, etc. In addition, I have to be able to color it black.

    I was thinking some kind of thickened or filled epoxy, but have no experience in these things. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Do you know what the original material is? Many plastics can be welded with appropriate filler material, reshaped and finished. Try this link for more information.

    Another thought that comes to mind is the possibility of using the seam filler material used by solid surface counter top installers. It comes in a tube and a wide variety of colors. Hardens just like the counter top material and can be sanded and shaped. Don't know if it will polish up like the plastic but is is definitly hard and strong.



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      I've used the kit from Eastwood ( search "steering wheel")and it turned out well. The kit uses PC7 epoxy to fill the cracks. If you are good with a file and sandpaper it will paint up like new.

      Good luck,