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    Originally posted by The Artful Bodger View Post
    None the less I believe there are a number of Trabbies on the roads of the USA.
    Never seen one. The only ones legally drivable in the US have to be at least 25 years old. I don't know much about Trabants, but they don't look like they last that long.

    Here's more:


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      Originally posted by BigMike782 View Post
      I remember seeing VW beetles and buses in the Phoenix area and talking to local guys and them saying “oh,that one is really rough” and I’m thinking “it’s not rusted up to the quarter windows, that thing it minty fresh.”
      Same here, looked at a few cars in Glendale, (Phoenix suburb) People saying how bad of shape they were in, and all I could think was that back in Mi, they'd be going for 3 times the price if they were just a stripped out body. My crew and I built 6 houses down there in Niles.


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        I always check the Phoenix craigslist to see what exists not far away, then the Albuquerque Craigslist to see what I can get locally

        A friend has a daughter in PHX. he tried shopping for a travel trailer there, and said forget about it. The place is so vast that it would be an all day effort to check out three things.