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Any tips for boring Magnesium

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    Originally posted by EVguru View Post
    Magnesium has an extremely high affinity for Oxygen, especially when it's hot, which is why water doesn't work on a Magnesium fire. The Magnesium reduces H2O to Hydrogen and Magnesium oxide.

    It burns more vigorously in CO2 too, for the same reason.
    Wow ! Thanks for that I would never have imagined it was so -- I'm no chemist !!! I just goes to show a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing !
    Its close to 45 years since i was machining magnesium alloy, never had a reason to use it at home or in my work from then on but I think this needs publicising as wide as possible so no one falls into the trap of CO2

    Thanks so much for the warning
    Knowledge withheld is knowledge lost