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  • Shop Rate!!

    Had a Root Canal done today.Took the guy 45 minutes $430.00 Works out to $573.33/hour
    Not bad for drilling a 2mm hole!!
    I think I will put my rates up!
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    Me too.

    The doctor told the plumber, gee, $500 for less than a hours work.. I am a doctor and I don't make that much. The plumber looked at him and said neither did I when I was a doctor.

    Depends on what you want done I guess.


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      With the overhead the Dentist has, insurances, payroll, etc, he didnt make 500$ hour either.


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        I think we have some dentists on this BBS. Maybe they can shed some light on the expenses they have to pay. I know that some of the medical supplies are very expensive!


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          My cousin is a kidney doctor,his insurance rates jumped $49,000 dollars this year and he has never had a single claim.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            True Story: Greenville Mississippi, about 1953. Don Wise, electrician, got a Dr bill for (IIRC) for $50.17. Refused to pay Doc, said too much for the time you spent (Doc back then often worked from an office at home). Doc say "i will sue, you are paying for my 20 plus years of training as well as overhead and experience ", Don says "still too much I will not pay".

            So Buddy Boy (Don's semi-literate helper), one night crawled under Doc's house, untwisted a wire nut. Don had worked for Doc for years, so Doc called Don, Buddy boy went under house, twisted wire nut back on- Doc watching. Don's bill was 50.17 too. Doc protested, like a gentleman. Don mentioned he went through the 3rd reader himself, had to pay buddy boy, and his 40 years experience- and he had never had a customer die as result of his work. Doc and Don canceled the bill's. I was not there but Doc, Don and I shared the story over a jug of moon shine several times. The versions were a little different, depending on who told the story- but neither called the other a liar (on the story at least).

            Don was big redneck, fisherman, and a good house wiring electrician. Did work for a millionaire house builder. Don complained about the sheet rock men covering his boxes and the time he spent finding them. Bill Roade (millionaire) says you all work it all out, you bid 5 dollars an outlet (the going rate then), thats what I pay.

            Next job, more boxes covered up than normal, Don say to Buddy Boy- I find boxes, you install devices and cover. Don started with a 2x4, shelled out the sheet rock top to bottom. Buddy Boy, pop-eyed, per instructions did his thing. Bill Roade mildly said, you miss the next few jobs, then return and let me know if more boxes are covered, the sheet rock men say they will pay 5 dollars for each outlet they cover. Bill collected the money and paid Don. Don said he never "broke even" cause the jobs he missed cost him, and the sheet rock men covered very few boxes after that. (finding a covered box is very easy in new construction, cause you know the height (standard) and location (on studs). Worst hurt, was the floor men probably- if floors were finished before Don "located" the boxes. There is a lesson there some place. We got the few houses Don missed.but we bid more than he. Last I heard Buddy Boy was raised in pay- he made $1.25 an hour and worth every penny of it.


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              I just dropped $3400 in dental work (life of neglect, figured I'd better pay now so I can keep my teeth for another couple years). Including one root canal. Took about two hours (and about twenty of those damn numbing shots) and cost me $900. I actually thought that the dental work was sort of a bargain compared to other medical procedures. Especially when considering the overhead and liability exposure.

              Got into a car accident in '94 w/ the fiancee...nothing wrong with her except some bruising from the seat belt. $14,000.00 for her when all said and done.


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                Elliot Spitzer (AG-NY) is going after "non-profit" hospitals running up charges on non-insurance customers... 4X+ over "standard rates". Literally driving people out of their homes.

                Shop rates in the med business are all over the place. FOr some recent lab work - $208 bill... after "insuance adjusment" - $2.74. True story - my bill.

                Rates are not posted in advance. Not subject to any market force. Docs are affected worst of all....

                It's a topic....



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                  On some of my "Med Bills" - I have had to ask what they charge various customers with other insurance companies. What does the gov't pay for the same procedures... So why am I being charged 10X the price - and where did I agree to paying excess charges? It is an issue...



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                    As compared to a dentist, most of us in the machine shop business have a lot more invested in our business, and our training, then a regular dentist. He charges $500 p/h and we charge $50 p/h on the average. Something’s not right here.


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                      I just had a Root Canal done too and the dentist had just gotten this great new toy for doing the crown. It is basically a CNC mill attached to a digital camera/scanner. He sprayed some reflective powder on the teeth, took about six or seven pictures, put it into the computer and up popped a 3D picture of the area. The computer generated a virtual tooth based on anatomical averages. He tweaked it a bit to make it fit the bite (which he could see on the screen through a variety of filters) and then hit the start button. 13 Minutes later, I had a crown milled out of a solid block of ceramic tinted to the right shade. That means he makes a lot of money on the crown since he doesn't have to pay the lab guys to do it, but I bet that machine set him back no less than 50 Grand.

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                        Vicodin, Dremel Tool, and some Bondo will do the trick on those root canals.


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                          My Grandmother was rolled about 300 feet down a hallway in a wheelchair. the hospital charged Medicaid $962 for "ambulance service". My Mother fought them for months, they never did understand why my Mom cared that the government was being ripped off. In the end, the bureaucracy wore my Mom down, and the hospital succeeded in ripping off the government.


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                            I am not a dentist, but a podiatrist. I do a lot of foot surgery, everything from bunion repair to foot amputations with skin grafts and the whole bit.
                            Whe surgery is performed, 90 day follow up is included (phone calls, dressing changes, prescriptions etc). I get anywhre from $500 to 1000 per hour when operating. Of course i have to pay insurance, rent, office staff, supplies, personal health insurance, figure out some form of retirement plan (no 401K here) etc. I also spent 11 years getting an education to do this which was my 20's taking out loans rather than making money.
                            I like what I do, and make a good living, but not $1000 per hour, as it appears! My malpractice insurance just went up another $2500 without any malpractice on my part!


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                              "I also spent 11 years getting an education to do this which was my 20's taking out loans rather than making money."

                              I am spending a life-time learning, and I took out loans on my equipment, tooling,and leasehold improvements that I paid through the nose for!I have follow ups,returns,road trips to check on work,office up keep etc
                              I too have high insurance costs for my machine shop, went up over 500% since the 9/11 excuse.
                              Back to the original question. why does a dentist charge 10 times my rate?

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