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Making stubby drill bits

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    Why not just buy some standard stub drill bits? They are just short versions of normal jobber drills, and are cheap.
    I wouldn't be bothered shortening jobber drills, the web will be too thick.
    I have bought stub drills just for the sizes where they are most useful, eg. tapping drills, bolt clearance holes etc. No need to get a whole set.


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      I read about some bone head drill company coming to the realization that a uniform web thickness would be a good thing to eliminate web thinning when regrinding the 5 billion times a shop would like to for reducing drill expenditures. Well, Duh! I mean, Doh!

      Parabolic flute drills are used to more effectively remove the swarf. You should also note that colbalt drills have a thicker web than HSS and are a poor choice for work hardening materials such as Stainless Steel.

      It is a shame to drill SS, it is soooo shiney!


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        I am looking to buy one or more sets of screw machine bits for the very reasons mentioned here: stiffer and more clearance. If you have found a good price on these sets, would you please share the source?

        I suspect the higher cost is because they aren't sold in the higher quantities that Jobber bits are: they can be found in Drug Stores for Pete's sake. Also Screw Machine bits seem to be more frequently sold in individual sizes instead of sets. I suspect a manufacturer would buy a dozen or a hundred of the single size needed for a particular part instead of a single set. Prices are surely better in quantity.
        Paul A.
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        And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
        You will find that it has discrete steps.


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          Paul Alciatore:
          I buy Gaar Carbide endmills & burrs and they have started doing drills and reamers. Comparing their price with Travers or KBC they start to look cheap. Just a thought.