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  • What's it worth?

    I know of a Rockwell Delta 11" lathe in mint condition with all the bells and whistles. As I don't see any talk of them I was just wondering if there are any ghosts to be aware of? Same place has an excello 602 that looks and runs like the factory just delivered it. To bad I already have one of them.
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    An acquaintance paid around $3500 for an 11x24 Rockwell in nearly excellent condition and with most of the accessories that were available for it. Seemed kinda high to me at the time but he's been real happy with it and that's what counts.

    Mike Henry near Chicago


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      What ever some one is willing to pay for it.


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        A top-quality lathe. Excellent headstock bearing design. The only possible weakness I have heard of is perhaps a tendency for the tumbler reverse gears to wear on their shafts and get noisy.

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          I paid 100 bucks for a 14 inch rockwell delta, with a taper atachment. but I got lucky.