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plumbing a portable air compressor

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  • plumbing a portable air compressor

    I am in the process of fabricating a gasoline powered air compressor.. 3 cylinder 2 stage compressor pump powered by a 16 hp Briggs& Stratton. The compressor pump is equipped with valve unloaders. My research indicates that I need three valves for this system: a safety pop off valve, a pilot valve of some sort to operate the compressor's unloader valves and a check valve between the compressor and tank. Am I correct on this.. anyone have any experience building their own compressor?

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    Yes you want a safey on the tank, if you are running an unloader, you will want to install the check valve at the inlet to the tank (from the compressor).

    the continuous run unloader

    the check valve

    the safety

    you may also want to add a throttle control to bring the compressor back to an idle when the unloader is open.

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      Thanks for your input. I see that Grainger's also offer an Unloader Pilot Valve, part # 3X818. I am trying to decide if I should use the Continuous Run Unloader, as you suggested, or the Unloader Pilot Valve. Either way, I will order the safety valve and check valve and maybe the throttle control.

      BTW how did you add the Grainger's link? I tried to cut and paste but couldn't.