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  • Carbide inserts

    I have just purchased over Ebay a 2 inch indexable end mill. It says it takes TPG TPU TPC - 431 or 432 inserts. Can someone explain what they mean? I see CNMG inserts for sale on ebay with 431 or 432 will they work?? With my luck the inserts I need will be hard and expensive to get.

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    CNMG are parrallelagrams.
    TPG etc. are triangular.
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      The T inserts are shaped like an equalatoral triangle the 43 is a code for the size of an inscribed circle that can fit in the inserts profile. In this case 1/2". The 1 or 2 at the end of the number is the radius at the tip in 64ths, 1 being .015", 2 being .032". The P means positeve rake on the insert in that the cutting edge has 7d of cutting clearance under it. The C insert is shaped like a diamond with two 110D coeners and two 80d corners. The N means it is negative rake. The insert actually has to be tipped up to get cutting clearance under the edge. Tye M and G can mean various things as relating to chip breakers etc. The same numerical codes applies to all inserts as to describing sizes. Then you also get into the various grades of carbide, its coatings if any. Probably the best thing to do is check out on of the on line catalogs from Valenite, Sandvik, Kenemetal or Iscar
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        In the KBC master catalog, they have a page with the complete break down of what the letters and numbers mean as far as the type, rake and size. Plus you can see what they look like.



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          Thanks for the information Doc!!
          I've been wondering what all that code meant.
          I buy my indexable cutters on Ebay and I just make the holders to fit them. Next time I'll know when I'm buying positive rake cutters instead of negatives like the batch I'm using now.
          Take care guys!!
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            I found a bunch of good references here the other day (can't hardly tell its a commercial site):




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              Also 'g' in TPG is ground and the 'u' is unground.