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    Slow day at work so I've made some progress.

    Turned the vise screw to move the shoulder 4.3mm back to give clearance for the needle bearing.

    I know the steady isn't screwed down or adjusted properly. Truth be told, I'd already cleaned up and taken it off when I decided I ought to take a picture!

    Bored the hole out on the mill. How do you make sure the hole is big enough to take a 13mm bar? Easy, raise the quill up and slot one in, right? No. Quill won't go that high on account of the good but daft vise I bought back at the beginning when I was convinced I'd need swivel and tilt....never have. Also, haven't got the bar yet. How big is a 13mm hardened ball bearing? Exactly 13.00mm - a pleasant surprise! Dropped it in the hole and when it fell through, the hole was the right size!

    Needle bearing in place and greased up. Mmmm, a lovely shade of green!

    You can see I got fed up of the handle falling off while I was trying to get stuff done!

    I've commented a few times that I just don't have the room for <some other tool I want/need>. Just to give you an idea, this is my workshop....all of it.

    Bar stock supplier next up.


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      Hi all. Haven't forgotten this thread, just a little preoccupied with lathe problems (and life in general). Did get to the metal supplier and got some stock out of them - it's painful when they have to quote for each individual piece rather than having a price list...but it's cheaper than online. Got some EN24T in 16mm and turned it down. This is how I confirmed the issues I'm having with not turning a consistent diameter but it's good enough for a vise handle. Ball ends are a cheat (credit and thanks to Basalt and RedGrouse) as they are 3/4" soft steel bearings drilled, tapped M12 and blue loctite'd in place. The blue is in theory low-strength....but I did use it liberally and the balls are a smooth surface so they don't seem to be in any danger of coming undone. Diameter is now up from 12mm to 13mm (credit to Sungod here) which allowed me to clean up the hole first. Thrust washer also fitted (credit to EVGuru) and I could see where the head of the main screw had made contact and gouged the face of the moving jaw so that ought to help if I ever push it too far again. Picture of the end result:

      Many thanks for everyone's help and input.