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Benchtop Horizontal Mill Cabinets/Stands

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  • Benchtop Horizontal Mill Cabinets/Stands

    Reorganizing a shop recently bought up questions concerning how to get more efficient storage around a bench top horizontal mill, in this case a Burke #4 horizontal mill. Any number of similar benchtop mills, both horizontal and vertical, could benefit from this.

    This mill sometimes can be found on top of a massive cast iron pedestal. While this arrangement serves well for rigidity, it offers absolutely no opportunity for any storage for any of the needed tooling that a horizontal mill needs to do its job.

    I would be interested in hearing what and how other HSMers have done to provide efficient storage for all those arbors, index heads, collets, end mill holders, etc. that are used. I would also like to hear from anyone who has incorporated this storage in a cabinet or stand that also allows for the horizontal mill itself to sit on.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I dont have a bench-top mill
    but this is how I store stuff
    pics show bridgeport cabinet aka "Versitool tool cabinet"
    also use card index filing cabinets.
    these are can get all your milling cutters and lathe tooling in them .

    all the best..mark

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      I got a $39 HF red metal cart w/kwik switch collet holder in top tray, a red drawered toolbox on top, w extra stuff... piled under on second shelf..

      I don't have enough room either.. I make fixtures for my cnc and that is always a problem where to put them.. I have threatened to put nails on the back wall outside for the seldom used ones..

      The Leblond has cabinets built in each leg... I think that is cool, good planning..

      David Cofer, Of:
      Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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        Wow...I consider myself knowledgable concerning different storage cabinets and yet I am very surprised that I have not seen a Versitool tool cabinet before. Interesting concept with the swing out they work well for your usage?

        The two narrow drawer units that you have sitting next to the Versitool cabinet...any idea where they came from? I have seen similar multi drawer cabinets but never a cabinet with just a single stack of drawers. I like to buy cabinets that are smaller so one can stack them in the configuration that fits within the confines of the limited space that is available in a shop.

        I have yet to find any shop that has too much space.



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          Hi TMT (why dont people sign with there real name)
          Got the name versitool wrong its
          I'm well pleased with this cabinet it's built like a brick sh*t house and weighs about 200 lbs empty.
          They were built by the versatool company for British Bridgeports.
          Think they are still making them in one form or another.

          (SLOW SITE)

          The shelves can be positioned where ever you like and swing out lazy susan stile and don't sag one bit.
          They push back in and lock in position with a nice heavy reassuring (like an expensive car door) clunk.
          The one in the picture cost me آ£50....I've seen them sell on ebay for آ£150 plus.
          The other two cabinets can be had for between آ£5 and آ£35,second hand.
          آ£75 new from office supply people.
          I need two more of these small cabinets ,but im finding it hard to track them down secondhand (used)....
          I dont like the mechanics cabinets because they are too expensive and the drawers are always too big in the lower cabinets.
          Think these small ones are much more suited to the home machinists purposes.
          all the best...mark


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            I am considering a similar set up for an Atlas Mill I own. Would you be so kind as to post a picture of your set up?


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              Since this same inquiry was posted on the PM board, here is a link to those responses.


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