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OT; computer. What is this please?

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  • OT; computer. What is this please?

    This pops up occasionally when I open Malwarebytes.
    I can click and it goes away and MB opens but just wondering.

    "mbam.exe No disc. There is no disc in the hard drive."

    Never had any disc associated with MB.

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    Len, do you have the free version or the paid version? I have the paid version and had some wierdness a couple of months ago where it would arbitrarily turn off or turn on features. I had to get help from their tech dept. and it was on and off for a couple of months. I havn't seen your particular problem, but I wonder if it is associated with updates. (malwarebytes never had a definitive answer ) Jim


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      Paid and, now that you mention it, I think I've experienced some of those quirks as well.
      Nothing debilitating, just...weird?


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        You ran it one time with a removable drive of some sort connected to the computer (maybe a CD) and it is now looking for a non existing drive. Don't know how to fix it but that is likely why it keeps giving you that error. I have an old windows program that does the same thing, I can fix it by rebooting the computer which makes it forget about the removable drive.


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          Thanks for the answer. Occasionally, Malwarebytes will tell me I "There is a problem with the format of Drive D", only drive D is a USB plug in CD drive that isn't plugged in 95% of the time. (And I rarely reboot the computer, typically when installing new software and it tells me I have to.)

          More tools than sense.


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            Haven't you heard, there is a sinister gang running around the country stealing the disks from all the computer's hard drives. But not to worry, they jury rig a thumb drive in there so you won't notice until a lot later.

            They spray paint them and sell them as Frisbies.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

            And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
            You will find that it has discrete steps.


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              have found Malwarebytes to be rather "quirky" as some above ...and more.... so uninstaled it.