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Logan 14” lathe help

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  • Logan 14” lathe help

    I recently purchased a Logan 14” lathe. It needs several parts. The main thing is the pulley that goes on the motor is missing. I’m planning on building one but I need the outside diameter of the pulley. I can figure out the rest of the dimensions. It is the variable speed pulley with the flat bottom. If someone has one I would sure like the info.

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    You might try this place. They were helpful to me in getting some parts.



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      I was able to find most all the logan parts I needed on ebay, a lot of logans are broken up and parted out on ebay. there are a couple on there now.
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        Is this a True Logan model or one made after the line was purchased by Powermatic?

        For the Logan made machines I believe the motor pulley was a fixed pulley. The 25XX series are this way and I know the 65XX were most of that time. The pulley on the opposite end of the motor belt, was a variable pulley on a jackshaft. The jackshaft also held a 2nd variable pulley whose belt went to the headstock pulley.

        Take a look for a manual. If you need pics of a similar setup on a 25XX series ... let me know.

        Here is a screenshot from one of the sales brochure:
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          you can figure it out from motor rpm, spindle pulley diameter and desired spindle rpm. If there's a jackshaft, you'll have to take that into account too.

          Simply put - if your lathe has one direct drive speed, you want 1750rpm spindle speed and you have a 1750rpm motor, the motor pulley should be the same diameter as the spindle pulley. If you have more than one pulley on the spindle, work it out for the smallest. If you have a jackshaft, you'll have to do a bit more math