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  • instructional welding video

    Hi all.

    New here, I came from the woodworking world. Does anyone have recommendations on a good welding video? I would like to learn mig/tig for furniture fabrication.

    Sorry if this topic has been covered, I did a search and came up empty. Thanks.

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    Check out your local community college.

    Welding is a manual skill taught through the senses as well as the intellect. It's also a full trade where an apprentices serve four years to learn what he needs to know. He rotates through all the methons and phases of the trade and has to attend about 1000 hours of schoolwork. Not that you'll need that level of detail but to perform quality work you need to know more than monkey see, monley do welding from a video.

    For that there's nothing like a skiled hand to guide your efforts. That's why I reccommend on the strongest terms a general basic welding course for a scholastic quarter and then another quarter specializing in the processes you wish to prefect.

    You can shorten this but proficieny in stick, TIG, acetylene and plasma cutting, brazing, MIG, heating and straightening, and the technical background for each will serve you well for the rest of your life.

    Next fall will be the 40th anniversery of my first welding course at Olympic Community College and I'm glad I didn't just learn enough to get by and quit. I still thank the late Ray Ludeman, where ever he is, for tracking me down in November, 1962 to the double bottoms of the USS Kitty Hawk. He insisted on my returning to the welding school so he could teach me what it turned out I really needed to know.


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      I should've mentioned that I did take a course in welding, although it wasn't at a community college. Instead I went to a fairly mickey-mouse type operation where the instruction was subpar. I know I should've looked into a community college, but I don't think I found a class at the time I searched for a class.

      At this point, taking classes is not a real option, so I am hoping to find something to supplement my meager knowledge of the field and learn by a lot of practice.

      I have also learned much from monkey-see-monkey-do's


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        Check here...

        I've never used them, but I have heard alot of good things about them.

        Practice, practice, practice.
        Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)