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Replacement Shelves: Where to Buy??

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  • Replacement Shelves: Where to Buy??

    I've got a shelving unit here at work that only has 3 shelves, making it pretty useless. I'd like to order some additional shelves for it but I'm not sure how to find them. I tried McMaster but couldn't find just the shelves, only complete cabinets. This is a narrow version; the shelves are only 9" by 36". Photo below for reference - these are just the standard shelves that fit into those tabs... figured McMaster would've carried them... Maybe I don't know what term to use when searching?

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    That's clearly a very specific system. Nothing "standard" about it.

    Is there a company name on the unit anywhere? That would be a place to start.

    If the company is no longer in business or wants an outrageous price for the extra shelves then you could make your own. I'd use plywood or prefinished shelving stock cut to length and with some thin sheet metal angle stock screwed up from below so the angle metal fits into the tabs and supports the shelves.
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      Try plugging this into Google:
      steel bookcase replacement shelves
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        That kind of stuff is available through places that sell warehouse and shipping supplies. Search for "storage cabinets", not bookshelves.
        Here's one example but I'm sure there are others...

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          Originally posted by Fasttrack View Post
          I've got a shelving unit here at work that only has 3 shelves, making it pretty useless.

          This is a narrow version; the shelves are only 9" by 36".
          If you draw a blank locating 9 x 36 metal replacement shelves, consider making or buying wood/manufactured wood "shelving boards". Attach sheet metal end plates to engage the locating tabs stamped in the interior of the cabinet.

          A quick search located a ready-to-use Rubbermaid 8" x 36" shelving board (#FG4B2800WHT) finished in white that will have a certain amount of strength and durability. An inch narrower than your ideal and I'm unsure how well the core will retain screws but offer the idea as food for thought.

          A more extensive search might come up with something closer. Or make your own.


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            Thanks guys - Since this is for work, it doesn't make sense to make my own. It would cost the company more than buying a whole new cabinet. I'll see if I can find what I need at ULINE since we have a Net-30 account with them.

            BCRider - it seems like it's a "standard". There are three main types of adjustable shelving I've run into. This is an example of one of those and it used by at least two different manufacturers in their light and medium duty units. Heavy duty shelving units tend to use this weird corner bracket system and older units tend to use "clips and standards".


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              Try looking here.....

              medium duty closed shelving.

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                At the bottom: standards and supports. Install them next to those punched steel tabs.

                Then get 8 foot, prefinished shelving boards at any lumber yard and cut to size.
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                  Fastrack, if you're finding compatible shelving readily then I'm happy to be proven wrong. The tabs and the way the front and back of the shelves are rolled over and how the sides need to be flat to engage the tabs correctly sure did suggest something rather strongly proprietary.
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