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    Originally posted by thaiguzzi View Post
    Forgot, another old turner's fave, was leaving the top slide 5.7 degrees off parallel. A thou on the dial was a tenth of a thou cut. Or, put another way, 5 thou on the dial was a half a thou cut. Sharp tool recq'd...
    Yes, thats how I have my topslide set. I don't think many do, but it suits me. I've got cataracts forming, so its easier to feed 10 divisions on the topslide than it is to feed 1 on the cross slide. Also thats why I can't use a vernier any more, can't read it now so I use a digital calliper for rough work, (99% of my stuff) and break out the micrometers when I'm doing something accurate like fitting a piston to a bore.
    'It may not always be the best policy to do what is best technically, but those responsible for policy can never form a right judgement without knowledge of what is right technically' - 'Dutch' Kindelberger