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  • OT- carbon filter

    Wondered about this a few times- is there a negative aspect of having drinking water sitting in a carbon filter for a long time? I have one of those counter top water filters and obviously water sits in it until I draw some, at which point some fresh comes in to replace what I've taken out. Suppose I went away for a month, then came home and had some water without running it for a while. Aside from being at room temperature, what could 'go wrong'?
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-

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    There might be some information in here of interest to you.
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      I've used activated charcoal filters for drinking water supply for over thirty years, with no problems whatsoever. The water sources have been :
      1. Whatever got into the boat's tanks (5 years),
      2. Chlorinated mains supply (19 years),
      3. Whatever gets into the RV's tanks (17 years), and
      3. Rainwater stored in tanks (9 years).

      I have gone away for periods of up to three months, and usually just run the tap for a few seconds on return, before drawing water for use.

      The refrigerator I've had for the last nine years has an iced water feature, which draws from the house's rainwater supply via its own charcoal filter, and as we don't drink iced water in winter, it sits there for probably eight or nine months between uses—and there's never been any problem that I'm aware of.

      Be aware that there are different filters available for different circumstances (e.g., mains supply or bore or rainwater), so make sure you get the right one, and change it every two years/10,000 litres (or whatever the manufacturer specifies). Mine are all half-micron filters, incidentally, which should stop any grown-up bacterium, though viruses, being much smaller, could still get through. And some filters have a silver component to make then bacteriostatic.


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        I have a filter on the 1/4" supply to my ice maker on the frig. I've gone for as much as a couple years changing it. WHen the bin gets full, I lift the handle and it sits until we use the ice. No issues I know of.