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Reverse Clutch Rod Dimensions

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  • Reverse Clutch Rod Dimensions

    My reverse clutch rod will not engage in all three detents. It appears that either the detents are incorrectly located or the hole for the roll pin is incorrectly located. If anyone has the dimensions for this part I would greatly appreciate seeing them. On my rod the distance from the center of the roll pin hole to the center of the closest detent is 1.900".

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    Is this on 58 Chevy or 63 Ford?


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      You need to reverse engineer the part and figure it out. Or just buy one - genuine and aftermarket parts for BP j-heads are easy to get.

      Do not assume any Clone and BP are the same; many clone parts became "metric", and you can find ,machines with mixtures of parts and fasteners.
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        Even the BPs are not the same, if he's talking about the table feed. I made my rod, center support and stops as they were missing. When mine hits a stop, it kicks the lever into neutral and stops the table--It doesn't reverse. Auto reversing could be a bad thing.


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          I think he's referring to his quill feed control


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            I'm glad you cleared that up.


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              Sorry for the confusion. My mill is a J head Bridgeport. Lakeside 53 has it correct as I am referring to the quill feed assembly. It appears that a previous owner fabricated a replacement reverse clutch rod and drilled the hole for the roll pin in the incorrect location. That is why I was I am requesting dimensions for this part. I could redrill the hole for the roll pin 90 degrees out but am afraid the rod will not be strong enough to handle the stress that will be applied to it when in use. I plan on fabricating a new rod once I get confirmation on the correct dimensions.