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I want to build a stand for a portable HF band saw, no welder , any ideas or plans?

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    I don't know why some think that something like this can only be constructed by welding. Bolts do work if the design is good. That Unistrut looks good. I also have made a lot of things from the perforated angle sold by McMaster and others.

    They have the corner plates to stiffen the corners. They do a good job of stiffening and strengthening the assemblies.

    I would think that some combination of the above and perhaps standard angle stock would make a nice, bolted together stand. Use some thread locker on the nuts so the vibration does not shake them loose. I would avoid the grade 3 hardware and move up to grade 5 or 8. And DO use washers both under the screw heads and under the nuts.

    Plans? Do an internet search: HF Bandsaw stand.

    A kit:

    A page full:

    Many, many, many more. And I didn't even go to page 2 of the results. Did you even search?

    Originally posted by LKeithR View Post
    Probably the best system would be Unistrut. They have a wide range of components that can be used in many different ways.
    Not the cheapest way to go but if you want something solid this would be my first choice...
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      Where you located I have a stand free if you want it!


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        Find a friend who welds. I know they find me.


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          This would be the perfect excuse to buy a Lincoln AC225 welder. I got mine off CL in near perfect condition for $50.
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            How about good ole Rivets, like to build a boiler with. It would look cool though.


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              I used plywood for my HF 4x6. It worked fine. The original stand was too low for comfort.
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                just use nuts and bolts to build it . if its not solid enough f you,or it just gets loose after some use,go buy a box of deep penetrating welding rods(6010 or 6011for 1/4 inch or thicker)of if your metal is say 3/16 thick or thinner just use standard welding rods 6011-6014 ..,pull your fully charged car battery out ,get your jumper cables , hook them up to your work and batt ..rod using the +positive side of batt ,-side of batt to work and weld!!!oh wait u do need a welding shield, ask around to your buds that have a real welder for one of their fixed, flat,cheapo hold with your hand welding masks that come with new welders,good luck..
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                  He said portable bandsaw so I think he is thinking more along these lines......


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                    It has some short welds, but could be bolted just a well. I just clamp it in a vise when I need to use it. The table is small enough that I can still use it as a handheld portable for cutoff jobs. There isn't much sense in making a huge table anyways since the throat of the saw is so small.
                    Tip; the guide bearings for the blade only look like a double row ball bearing, they aren't. When they crapped out I bought a sleeve of normal width bearings from Ebay and just doubled them up on each screw to make the width.

                    Here's how I did mine.

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