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OT somewhat: magnetic field viewing film.

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  • OT somewhat: magnetic field viewing film.

    A former employer had a sheet of "something" for viewing the field around a magnet. It worked rather well, and as I recall, the pattern was not persistent once the magnet was removed. Showed the pattern out for some distance.

    I got a piece of similar material from Amazon recently, as I need to see the pattern from some small Neo magnets. I need to trip a magnetic field sensor at a bit more distance than I thought (position sensor), and have a limited space to fit magnets.

    Anyhow, this film is less sensitive, does not show the field out very far, even for a neo magnet, and also does not return to a neutral state... it retains the pattern, although it can be essentially "bulk erased". I was hoping for a more sensitive film that would not be persistent.

    The film I got was a 6 x 6" piece from "Applied Magnets", and seems to be the only type they sell.

    Any suggestions?
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    Check out K&J Magnetics ( and do a search for Part # MV43. I have some and I think it will work better than what you have.


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      United Nuclear has some.