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    I installed several 80W and 100W LED floods starting early 2017. They are Ebay "specials". Most last about 6 months. Failure is in both driver and LED array. I like the white light from the fixture. I can walk in the back of my lot without a flashlight. Also keeps the deer out.

    Failure mode is: (1) light is out or (2) lights blink at varying rates. Light out is dead driver. Blinking is (I believe) burned LED chip as the blinkers displayed brown spots in one or more chips. I have one light in service with a replacement driver, approaching 60 days working.

    In the past I've used fluorescent fixtures that worked well, usually getting (2) bulbs worth of life before the ballast goes south. Lighting is more defuse varying with temperature. Used halogen in the past, but since bulb manufacture is all offshore bulbs are worthless and fail for no reason even using gloves to install.

    Anybody have any suggestions on LED brands that will live? The system is 120V, 60~,1Ph on photocell.

    Comments, questions, suggestion.


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    Buy with warranty from someone that will back that. Even "good" brands make some low - end crap so look carefully and don't buy "cheap" if you want it to last.

    Box stores typically have many 3+ years warranty LED products. I buy "120w equiv" Phillips outdoor PAR30 lamps. They have a 3 year warranty and I fully expect them to meet or beat that.


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      I got our led floods through our local power company. They send out a flyer every so often trying to get their customers to make the switch.


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        From the cheap eBay led floodlights that I have examined that went south, two predominant issues surfaced.

        Drivers that were overworked, as in they did not have the ability to supply the voltage and current required.
        Also the leds in many of these products simply weren't able to dissipate the heat generated, due either to inadequate heat sinking and/or little to no thermal paste between the led and it's mounting on the heat sink.

        As mentioned buy at a local outlet and save your receipts so that if the fixture should calf you at least have someone to backup your purchase.
        A good local lighting vendor usually only stocks quality since they don't have the patience to handle warranty claims from distributors of inferior products. They don't need the hassle any more than you do.
        Buying quality is painful only once, a lesson I think we all have learned more than once.
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          I got a motion activated flood light from CostCo about 3 years ago - it was quite bright but the motion activation was always a little shaky, sometimes wouldn't trigger until I waved my hand a couple feet from it. After 2.5 years it died so I took it back to CostCo expecting they would tell me to send it back to the manufacturer, but they took it back and refunded my money on the spot.

          They had a replacement by the same manufacturer (Home Zone Security) on sale the day I returned the defective unit. I bought this as a replacement somewhat reluctantly because of my experience with the previous light. I looked it over while installing it and it looked better made and the adjustment instructions were much better. The motion activation on the new model is easy to adjust and has been reliable in the 7 months it has been in place. This 35W unit produces 2500 Lumens, works well in my yard when I use the snow blower at night, etc.

          If you can use a motion activated light for your application then this might be worth consideration, it has a 5 year warranty and from my experience there's no hassle in getting a replacement should it fail.
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            City here is installing LED street lights.

            Numbers of them fail in the same ways. Some blink on and off at a slow rate, several seconds. Some blink rapidly more like a strobe light. Some just fail and do not seem ever to work again.

            Every two bit company is trying to get in on the business, and some of their products are hardly worth the two bits.
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              I wonder how many of these shop light replacements of fluorescent tubes are going to be short lived.


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                Mine have a 3 year warranty. Better than the expected tube life they replaced.


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                  Originally posted by lakeside53 View Post
                  Mine have a 3 year warranty. Better than the expected tube life they replaced.
                  Better be much more than that, given the resources they use compared to the usage for a fluorescent tube.
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                    "E-bay specials", CostCo and you are surprised when they go bad?

                    You want a better brand? GE, Phillips, Sylvania come to mind almost instantly. I have had good luck with LED bulbs from WalMart but I have not tried their "Great Value" store brand. I just buy name brands there.

                    I am fairly sure that McMaster will have good LED bulbs but you probably won't know the brand name until you get the delivery. And next time you may not get that same brand. Of course, their prices do not compare with "E-bay specials" or CostCo.

                    I have had some luck watching for sale prices at various local outlets. I mentally keep track of what NAME BRAND, LED bulbs are selling for and when I see a significantly lower price I grab as many as I can afford. I got a couple of LED flood lights for my driveway that way. IIRC, they are GEs. Credit cards can help in this.
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                      I think Cree makes floods as well as regular types.

                      I have had very good results with the Cree bulbs. One out of all the ones I have had did start to shut off after a while, but it was during the summer, in a fixture that did not allow much cooling. Another CREE bulb in the same fixture have works fine, and the one that turned off is working in some other location (I have even forgotten where it is).
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                        Considering that heat sinking is poor and led arrays are over-driven, it's amazing to me that they last any time at all. I bought some led bulbs from walmart to see if they would work to make a stage lighting system. Later on I saw that I could have bought just the led decks, but at the time I bought the bulbs and took them apart for the led array. I made suitable heat sinks and drove the led array at about 85%, and have not had even one go bad. These units draw 10 watts (a 60 watt equivalent they say), and they get quite hot as is- though I have to say I have several in regular use in ceiling fixtures and have not had one go bad either. Take a higher powered version, say 30 or 50 watts drawn- where does the heat go? They burn out after a short life span because there's no proper heat sinking.
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