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    I ran across this catalog in the back of my book case and thought that some of you might find it interesting. It was given to me by a retired machinist (of my approximate vintage!) He got it early in his career, about late 50's. It is "Canadian Catalog #23, Butterfield Division, Union Twist Drill Co." It is a hard bound, fabric covered, book of 487 glossy pages, well illustrated and diagrammed. There are all the "usual" tables of feeds, speeds, conversions and other good stuff.The most interesting, at least to me, was the pricing and the fact that almost every tool was listed in both carbon and high speed steel. it goes without saying that EVERY tool was made either in Canada or the USA. The plants are/were in Rock Island, Quebec, Derby Line, Vermont, Athol and Mansfield Massachusetts. Some prices below, all for HSS tools:-
    slitting saw---------------------5" x 1/16"-1" hole----$5.80
    plain milling cutter--------------2 1/2" x 2 1/2"-1" hole-$12.10
    straight shank end mills, six flute-1/8" to 3/4" -----$1.40 to $3.50
    involute gear cutters, set of eight--16DP -7/8" hole------------$54.40
    straight shank twist drill, jobbers' length---1/4"----------------$6.75 PER DOZEN!!!
    set of straight shank jobbers' length drills in container---------$29.25
    ditto letter sizes----------------------------------------------------$26.50
    ditto wire gage #1 to #60-----------------------------------------$22.60
    ditto wire gage #61 to #80----------------------------------------$7.50
    All in all, the book sort of made me drool! How things have changed with progress!
    Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec

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    I have 1920 Fairbanks Master Catalogue hard bond 900 pages Mills,Lathes,Drill Press and Case Steam Engines.There is only prices on some smaller items.