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    The auctions around my area stink, flea markets are non-existent, so it's rare for me to find good deals on anything. I work nights so getting anything off of "That dude's List" is very difficult. I'm working when the sellers just got off work, they're sleeping when I'm off work etc. I can go and see things on weekends only. Most tools disappear in short order. I got lucky today. I got this Browne & Sharpe depth mic set for (don't hate on me)... $25. There's almost no signs of use and it works smoothly.

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    You suck


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      Well you got a good deal and it looks nice. Some years ago I too bought a set, then a friend gave me another set. And I have used the head without extensions a few times but can't remember ever needing any of the extensions. It does seem like a well equipped shop should have a set though and they are nice to own/look at, but unless you have some special job or use in mind it is unlikely I think that you will use them much. But you suck. And even though I have two sets I would probably have bought a third for the $25. Wipe them with an oily rag and put them away and smile.


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        No "You Suck"from me.
        You wasted $25 on hunks of steel you will never use.
        I feel so sorry for you that I will give you your $25 back if you will ship them to me for correct disposal.
        PS: Well, maybe a very small, quiet "you almost suck".
        I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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          I'd say you did very well on that. I've got a Lufkin and my Dad's Starrett set. But to tell the truth, I prefer a Mitutoyo vernier depth caliper after having to use one daily for machine setup.