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Bead Blasting? Not sure if it is or not :)

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    The caustic finish isn't much like beading and very soft (marks easily); not the best for hiding tooling marks. Sure, leave it in long enough and you will get a pitted surface. You don't even need it hot - just dunk it in at room temperature and watch it bubble. Don't leave it in too long

    I find bead blasting really good for hiding cutter marks and a good secondary benefit - deburring. I don't even bother deburring now - just a light blast. Will depend on your "burrs" though; mine are small on AL.


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      From the picture it looks like he used some pretty coarse glass beads,maybe 40-60 mesh?I use 80-120 mesh at work and it leaves a much finer finish than that.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Ok, thanks

        I have ordered up a smallish blasting cabinet and some glass media, I'll do some tests and see what we get.
        It's all budget stuff so no big loss, just need to rig some extract for it to keep the dust under control.
        If it does'nt fit, hit it.


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          Be sure the CFM rating of your compressor is up to the requirements of the gun. I have a cabinet like the one you linked, at it makes my 60-gallon compressor work to keep up

          40-80PSI @ 15-25CFM is the spec in your link. It takes a lot of air volume to carry the media.


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            You can get away with a smaller compressor on small parts - you can only work in bursts until it recharges the tank though. Use a downstream regulator and water trap at the cabinet - set your final pressure to 60 psi or so. If you set your tank pressure to 60, you won't have any headroom to work effectively.
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              Yeah, should be ok, I went for a slightly smaller bench-top unit, all the floor-stand ones in the 220L size were out of stock in the lower price offerings. The good thing is that it also has a top opening which is good for where I want to put it.

              Comes with 4 different size nozzles and a slightly lower air consumption.

              I have a refrigerated air-dryer in my system so i just need to fit a regulator near the unit.
              If it does'nt fit, hit it.