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Mill vise parallel retaining system- DIY

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  • Mill vise parallel retaining system- DIY

    This is a link to a thread I posted on another machining forum. I started using these parallels about 35 years ago when the company I worked for bought them for all of their mills. We thought they were a gimmick- until we started using them. The commercially made ones are too rich for my blood, but they're not hard to make, although a bit labor-intensive. Every shop I've worked at, I set an apprentice or newbie to work making them. The set pictured in my thread is a set I'm making for my work- I already have my own set at home.

    The thread didn't get much love there; everyone seemed to think that springs or rubber bands were better. Oh well. There's not a lot of detail on that thread, so if you have questions about machining the parts, ask away.

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    I like that, nice work. I'm not set up to grind the jaws after heat treating, but otherwise it would be a great project, and I can definitely see the utility and time savings in swapping parts.


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      I think that they're really neat, nice work. I like how there is enough slack to be able to tell if the work is seated properly on both parallels but not so much that they can flop around. Plus they should help keep the crap out of the area that the parallel sits on, which is my personal bugbear (and having to clean it out before reseating work). Do you find that they get any chips into the dovetail or does the parallel keep things clean?


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        They seem to stay clean. Make sure you read the whole thread- there is a bad dimension on the vise jaw.