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OT: Dealing with Service Pack 2

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  • OT: Dealing with Service Pack 2

    A "feature" in XP Service Pack 2 is likely to cause a lot of trouble. This change prevents the execution of code not explicitly stored in an area flagged for program code. If you run into a problem after installing SP2 there is a way to work around this problem. It is described in this MS Knowledge Base article:;en-us;875351
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    Hmmm, I've had it installed for a couple of weeks now, and haven't ran into any problems so far. Of course, I really haven't had the time to push my machine to the max yet. I did notice a performance improvement with SP2.

    Oh yeah, M$ has threatened several universities with lawsuits if they download copies of SP2 and burn copies of it for the facilty and students. Why they want to do that, I've no idea.


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      Thanks Evan. I may need that! For the moment I'm holding off until the dust settles a little more.

      Digital Equipment's operating systems were using instruction and data space separation 30 years ago, or more. I guess Microsoft has finally caught up....
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        I'm a computer illiterate. I have my computer set up with the automatic update feature that notifies me of an update, then I click on the icon and can then add whatever update it is or review the update first. Is there a reason why I haven't had one of those icons come up and tell me there is an update (SP-2) to add to my XP program? Do I have to go down a different road to get this update? Thanks for your help.



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          MY sp2 auto update only came through yesterday
          14hours to download.
          Real fast connection out here.