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OT - Coffee is now a cancer hazzard in California

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  • OT - Coffee is now a cancer hazzard in California

    Even though coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers, a California judge has ruled coffee may be a cancer risk and must be labeled as such. It won't be long before water must be labeled. Perhaps "The Wall" should extend up the western boarders of Arizona and Utah. It's not safe in California. We certainly don't want those infected transients contaminating the rest of the country.

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    Unless the government can control how coffee beans are processed, you never know how much carcinogens are created when roasting or burning the beans. I'm not sure, but I suspect poorly or over roasted coffee beans might be similar to eating overly burnt/charred food/meats which I believe generate more carcinogens.

    I suspect a coffee house will do whatever it can to reduce costs and if that means roasting larger batches without as much control over the roasting process then I'm sure they will always do whatever is in their best interest and not worry about carcinogens that come from over roasting/etc.


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      I hope it has a double warning label and states all the cancers that will be increased for not drinking it too.

      Warning - the state of california has determined that your damned if you do and damned if you don't...

      You can have cali, land of rules and regs,,, back in the day it was the #1 place to be because it had everything - now too many people and too many regs - can't even buy oil based paint to paint your door step...


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        I wonder if my favorite doubleshot espresso's have any health benefits. Probably not with 140 cals and 50 from fats.


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          It was a well intentioned law. If there were legal levels of a carcinogen, it had to be noted so consumers could buy something else.

          But they set the levels too low. When your water contains "safe" levels of "substances known to cause cancer" you have a real problem. Everything washed in that water needs to be labled.

          There is already a notice at the front door of every grocery store that says "Some products may cause cancer". This is not that much different.

          Reminds me of research I heard about in my childhood. A doctor sterilized a handful of coins and implanted them under the skin of various animals. In some cases it resulted in cancers. Unfortunately he did not get a chance to publish his results. His Janitor beat him to it. You see, the janitor discovered a rat in the bathroom that had escaped. It obviously had died of cancer. Like all university employees, there was pressure to publish. His paper was titled "Money found to cause cancer in lavatory animals."
          At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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