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    Originally posted by lakeside53 View Post

    Something not mentioned yet... if you have a rusty items use Evaporust in your cleaner. Degrease first. Great results and beautifully clean.

    Hey now!! I never thought of that and I use that stuff all the time. Great idea, thanks. JR


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      Originally posted by BCRider View Post
      And before anyone mentions Simple Green as a good solvent for items just a reminder that it eats into steel. It's a fairly slow meal but over time or enough repeated uses it will haze the surface of steel. And with enough single immersion time it'll pit the surface. I ruined a perfectly good bicycle chain one time when I forgot to remove it from some SG for a few days. When it said "deep cleaning" I didn't expect it to be THAT deep....
      Simple green will also remove paint. It's not particularly fast, but with an ultrasonic cleaner shaking things up the paint can disappear frustratingly quickly. (I usually want to clean the painted part, not strip it clean!)

      I found it to be much better than water for cleaning stuff, but I usually need the part right away so get them out of the tub before a half hour has passed.

      Use the minimum amount of liquid your cleaner can handle, especially if you've got an underpowered one.


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        I'm using a 2 qt. GemOro, ( made in USA ), has timer and heater. Use "Krudcutter" at 50/50 water. Been doing this for many years, works very well. Krudcutter, bought at Lowe's here in SW Florida.


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          Originally posted by QSIMDO View Post
          Jon, the link in that thread is dead.
          Could you update which one you got?
          Like this one here:



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            I love the Evaporust idea. THANKS ! !
            Chilliwack BC, Canada


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              Originally posted by Jon Heron View Post
              For the European members take a look in German Ebay. Faster shipping and often actually cheaper than direct order from china in more heavy items.
              Similarly sized 3 liter model ~80 usd from germany or 10 liter/ 2.5 gallon US cleaner is about 140 usd .
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                I fixed two ultrasonic cleaners for my dentist. The problem is quite evident, a couple blown diodes and a high voltage MOSFET:

                A good view of the guts:

                He also gave me a larger, older one, that I cleaned up but have not yet fixed:

                He also gave me a smaller one that he bought at Target. I used it once, and it seemed OK. Also found at Home Depot:

                Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
                USA Maryland 21030


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                  Oh Mattey J.. JR


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                    I was reading some instructions on ball races on a German precision bearing manufacturers site and they said never use ultrasonic cleaners on their products.


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                      never use it on any bearings. (although, if you have a 35 or 50 w unit, it will probably not harm them.)