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Starrett 711 Indicator vs Mitutoyo 513-403

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    Originally posted by JoeLee View Post
    Thanks for the info, an interesting and informative read.

    "China If you're buying generic indicators made in China, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. You can't get any worse." I love it.........couldn't be any more straight forward.

    Yet the topic's Starret 711 scores worse on almost all aspects than the generic chinese ones

    This looks and works like swiss watch compared to 711 and cost 20 times less:
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      FWIW, the Last Word Indicator was patented and first marketed by H. A. Lowe, Cleveland Oh. in 1915. Starrett bought out the rights in the early 20's and marketed under their name at that time. I have a Lowe Last Word that has, at some time had the dial replaced with a Starrett dial face. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition, operates and repeats freely as new. Bring some of those $12 chicom variants around in 100 years and see how they have held up.
      Jim H.