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Logan Chucker 14" 7500 help please.

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  • Logan Chucker 14" 7500 help please.

    Hello folks,

    I thought that I asked this a few days ago, but I cannot find that thread. I had just recently registered here, so that thread may not have posted.

    Anyway, I have been a machinist for over 25 years, so I'm certainly not new to this hobby/trade.

    I have a Logan 14" Chucker model 7500. It's quite noisy when the power feed change gears are engaged. It is quieter in the back gear. I've inspected the change gears and there seems to be some play between a couple of the gears. Is the noise and the play normal in these lathes, or are my gears in need of replacement?

    Also, this lathe, being that it is a chucker, came from the factory with a 5C collet closer. The collet closer was not with it when I bought it, however, there are a couple of the pieces still attached to the lathe, the yoke that is bolted to the lathe that attaches to the closer by way of linkage and the part that resembles a spur gear (but that's not what it is, and I don't know what else to call it) that is attached to the spindle shaft.

    I would very much like to have an original Logan collet closer for it. I have looked all over the interweb, and I haven't found anything that doesn't cost half of the lathe's worth. I am considering a hand wheel closer for now. At least the 7500 chucker already has the C5 taper in the spindle.

    Thanks for any assistance,

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    Unless you are doing production runs a hand closer works just fine.

    I had to make my own since there isn't anything available for my lathe and it works great. Remember to put a thrust bearing in the outboard end so that it can be tighten up properly and the bigger the hand wheel, within reason, the better. I use collets before chucks whenever possible.
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      Collets in the spindle taper are great (assuming it is a lathe designed for it - obviously the 7500 is). A hand wheel & drawbar is a great solution for a home shop. With the lever, you can open / close the collet on the fly - obviously not with the hand wheel. Make the wheel out of a light material - and big, but not too big, as it is tending to loosen the collet when you hit the start button. I have an original drawbar on my Smart & Brown - it has a rolling element thrust bearing and the aluminum hand wheel is about 8" diameter.