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Dykem layout fluid - safe once dry?!

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  • Dykem layout fluid - safe once dry?!

    Just used some red Dykem for the first time on a piece of aluminium. I'm just knocking up a quick miniature model table with my son for a school project. The red on alu actually looks quite nice. Dykem seems to be made of concentrated evil according to the label. Anyone know if it's safe (for six year olds!) to handle once it's dry?

    Many thanks,


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    As long as the 6 year old doesn't eat the stuff and washes his hands before eating, it should be about as safe as any solvent based paint.
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      Excellent. Figured it was probably only (really) dangerous while liquid. Should at least leave good evidence if he's licked it!
      Now I just need to re-do everything while he's asleep. Not being critical of the quality of his handle turning....just foolishly assumed a 3mm endmill would leave a close enough tolerance hole to loctite in a dowel pin. Darn thing wobbles a good 45 degrees. .....and NOW I have the answer to whether and why small amounts of runout on a drill chuck matter!


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        Originally posted by Cenedd View Post
        Now I just need to re-do everything while he's asleep.
        Serves you right for letting him help you with your school project ;-)
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