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  • Third try to post

    Tapatalk acting up, or I forgot how to post. Flea market finds.
    What is the intended use for these pliars, why the curlique on the end of the handle? The one on the other handle is broken.

    The shop made grinding fixture has a 3/16" square hole. The front scale is marked every 5 deg. up to 30 deg. each side of vertical,

    The elevation quadrant is graduated from 5 to 90 deg, but can only be moved to 54 deg.

    Looks like it would be good for grinding threading tools, but why such a large angular range?

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    Sorry, can't see the business end of the pliers well enough to hazard a guess what they are used for. I think the curly end is so it doesn't hurt your hand when it gets trapped between the ends of the handles.
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      Looks like a set I have for cleco fasteners. JR


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        The jaws are straight and flat, no serrations or holes, when the gripping surfaces are parallel I'm guessing they are about .030 or .035 apart. Maybe to hold two pieces of sheet metal together while inserting the cleco?

        I have a smaller version of the same sort of pliers, the curved end of the lower handle was bent around much more than the upper (longer) handle was. That one hurt my hand, so I ground off the curved tip of the handle. This one is longer, so I can grip without the curlicue digging into my hand, just need to smooth up the sharp edge where it's broken.

        I'll get them cleaned up and look for a maker's name.