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excellent precision for faceplate

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  • excellent precision for faceplate

    I use a Smart & Brown model A at the museum, and am always on the lookout for goodies for it. It takes up to 9" diameter faceplates, and I already have one. It has six tee slots and I have added six slots to it. Recently, while scanning eBay, another 9" faceplate came on sale, unidentified, with a low starting price. It had a 1 3/4" by 8 tpi and four tee slots and four slots. A number cast into the rear started with L4---- which is the S&B part number for their screw threaded spindles. I got the faceplate for a good price, in very good condition and cleaned the thread and register, fitted it on the lathe prior to skimming the face.
    I put a dti up to see what the runout was and was surprised to only get 0.0005" tir. No point in skimming it then was there, I saved myself the mess of cast iron dust everywhere.

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    Perhaps your old lathe found its low long lost faceplate?

    Likely a blend of good quality old world workmanship and a bit of luck. But it's nice when something like that happens.
    Chilliwack BC, Canada


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      I don't think it is the original one for this lathe, the paint colour gives it away.


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        That's one of those small unexpected things that will put a smile on your face alright.
        Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada