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Quincy Air Compressor woes

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  • Quincy Air Compressor woes

    My Quincy QT-5 compressor (pump) is making a noise it should not be. I thought it was the motor but discovered the motor overload had kicked out. So, in addition to that, and the nasty noise from the pump, I figured I have a pump problem.

    Trying to deal with Quincy and/or their dealers has made it obvious that they are not set up to accommodate either the hobbyist or that level of their product line, i.e. their “consumer” units. So far, I have been unable to get even a general idea of what might be wrong. I cannot even determine what is available in terms of an overhaul kit, let alone what might be involved in an overhaul. There are 2 service centers within driving distance here in Southern California (O.C.). One of them, the one I was able to actually make phone contact with, advised me to take the pump apart and send pictures and he would try to help me, which I appreciated. The guy was doing what he can. The other (closer) service center I had to actually drive to in order to find a contact person (since I was getting nowhere by phone).

    I have offered to pull the pump and drive it to their service center 35 miles away (the one I drove to before) so, if nothing else, I can at least identify the right rebuild kit, but that request is currently under review and I am waiting to hear back. Their normal process is to send a tech out with a 4 hour minimum at $125 per (plus mileage) so I would out $500+ without even knowing whether there would be additional time, let alone what the parts might cost. Their current model (mine is about 15 years old) goes for $1300 with free shipping from Northern.

    I am enclosing a link to my particular pump, but I am about ready to say to hell with Quincy and put a H.F. pump on it. If I had known the QT-5 was a throw-away compressor I could have save a ton of $ when I bought it.

    Ok, rant over. I have tried to research the rebuild process and from what I have found it could be quite possible to encounter difficulties I am not equipped to deal with. I would like to hear from those who have done this.
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    I appreciate your frustration. But I encourage you to keep working with Quincy's service centers. Only speak with the service manager. And make it clear that no way are you going to pay them to come out.

    If you get no joy from their service network, call the factory and ask to speak to an old guy in parts. He should have a clue.

    It wouldn't hurt to pull the head. Quincy's are easy to work on. Just take lots of pictures.



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      An option
      Grantham, New Hampshire


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        I am in S. Cal and have dealt with one of the Quincy dealers a few times and quite happy with them. I must have got the right guy.


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          Since a new QT-5 pump is $1100-1200 it should be worth fixing.

          Here's the parts manual-

          It's simple as a wagon wheel,if it were me I would tear into it and see what's what.There are also quite a few people here including myself that have lots of experience with these things that would be more than happy to offer our advice.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            If their new one ships from Northern maybe Northern can help out.
            Around here some Northern stores have repair facilities in them.

            THANX RICH
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              Hey Horst,

              I recently purchased a rebuilt Quincy pump from this company, no connection just a happy customer. They had what looked like a good inventory of parts and the pump has been working like a champ.
              I got a QR-25 series with a oil pump, unloaders, new contactor with a pressure SW on a good used tank for less than $800.00. It is a 3ph but I have a RPC so no problem.
              Anyway enough about me, I suggest you see if they can be of any help, they definitely were for me.

              good luck and let us know how it works out

              Located in Portland, Oregon, we have been supplying our customers locally & worldwide with quality equipment, parts and service for over 30 years!

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                The Quincy QT series are somewhat 'disposable' unlike most of their better pumps.
                As a bonus they changed the design/part numbers a lot.


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                  Thanks, one and all. I am going to start taking the pump apart and go from there, working with the Quincy distributor that was responsive and you guys. Hope is once again on the horizon.


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                    I have a QT-10 sitting here I need to look at. It was "free". I love working on the QR Series and have rebuilt a couple form scratch. The QT is really not in the same class.

                    Anyhow... read the factory service manual well. You will need the right tools but they aren't all that hard to work on. Quincy's last because of the excellent materials and close tolerances. Be aware of that if you buy aftermarket parts.


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                      I bough a new Qt5 and Quincy sent out the local Quincy service center to verify noise levels. They were easy to deal with and it was covered under warranty. Can be too difficult to trouble shoot your issue.


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                        Did you buy your QT-5 new or used?

                        While the low end of their industrial line, it's a very well built unit compared to most anything available from the likes of Harbor Freight, Sears, or Home Depot. I'd be surprised that a new one, properly maintained, died prematurely. Just needs the proper oil, checked now and then, and able to breath (clean air, not swamped by wood dust).

                        What separates these from higher end Quincy units are relatively cheap valves -- but also relatively cheap and easy to swap out. Bought used, run hard and long, or just with low oil or too much dust, maybe just bad luck -- these might by your problem.