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    Originally posted by Bob Fisher View Post
    Lakeside has a good thought, the threads can often be observed past the nut, this will tell for sure RH or LH. If you are turning the wrong direction, it will. NEVER come Off. Bob.
    I beg to differ. When I was a teen I found that you can get a LH nut off the bolt by turning counter clockwise. A cheater bar and heavy vise helped.

    ( It broke the bolt)
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    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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      Originally posted by Horst View Post
      Update; pulled the heads and definitely need valves. Unless I do have bottom end problems I do not need to remove the flywheel.
      Since you have the head off, rotate the flywheel until one piston is half way up the bore. Rock the flywheel slightly while watching the piston. There should be little rotation before the piston moves. Any slack in the rod bearings will make a lot of noise. This may tell you if you have such slack and which rod it might be if you do the same for both pistons.


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        Electric impact wrenches may be available at a tool hire shop.


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          For a short burst, which may be all you need, I have had good luck with a portable air tank and an impact gun.

          But you better know, with certainty, if it's LH or RH threads.

          Good luck!


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            He got the nut off back in post number 9.
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              He got the nut off back in post number 9.
              if you said that at a Harley forum, or a VW forum, the howling would go on for days