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    Originally posted by wdtom44 View Post
    Lightning is weird stuff, you can never tell how it is going to work.
    I had a strike that hit the gas line and the city water shut off valve in my front yard. 15' apart under a large tree. Two small holes in the ground no deeper than the grass. Never touched the tree. Everything electronic in the house that was not connected to a GFI was burned out. Didn't lose any appliances though. Surge came into the house through the water pipes. The power did not go out. Very weird indeed. The gas line is plastic with a small locator wire along its side and 3' deep.


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      Some years ago I had a lightning strike hit the power line that was touching a huge sycamore tree next to my house. It fried the dial-up modem in my computer and my answering machine, and it magnetized the CRT of my TV:

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        Better get rid of that sycamore. One fine day it may decide the time has come to drop a big branch on the house. The things are about as bad as a huge Bradford pear.... And with you on a hill, with the chance of a good wind, it is worse.

        Neighbors down the block had one, and it has dropped big branches on a car, and on a garage... also on the power line, and just in the yard without hitting anything important They finally got tired of it and had it cut down.

        Put up a TV antenna tower away from the house, but close enough that you are still in the "cone of protection". That will help with lightning. Don't forget to ground the tower well, and maybe share the ground with the house ground, so everyone is at the same potential.
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