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OT: Only in Germany would this happen!

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    Originally posted by rws View Post
    That sounds more like what happens around here. IF? get it at all.

    Had something coming post office delivery, had to be signed for. My wife saw the driver stop at the mailbox(right across from my driveway) and never pulled in. Instead, left one of those "missed you, sign here" notes. So I did, signed it and put it back in the mailbox. Next day, signed note is gone, no package. Called the post master, said the package was in the post office, and had to go get it myself. Incompetence.
    And the USPS wonders why they are operating in the red.


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      It is an amazing day and age --- I remember trying to build stuff when i was a kid, would have to send for specialized catalogs and countless long distance calls trying to get more details about something,,,

      the past half year my computers been rattling its ass off - small fan inside and i just been ignoring it, then I start getting some kinda code that a fan is operating below minimum rpm threshold or some damn thing lol

      im like ok - better replace it before i over roast my hard drive lol
      tear into it - start spinning fans - then i spin this one and it's shimmy city - write down a few #'s and throw the pos back together - get on e-bay,,, 6 bucks free ship, have to admit some things are pretty cool with what we can do nowadays...


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        Originally posted by ncjeeper View Post
        And the USPS wonders why they are operating in the red.
        That's a different problem, originating in congress. Not for discussion here.
        CNC machines only go through the motions


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          Originally posted by RB211 View Post
          One of the major airlines was interviewing a bunch of C172 pilots because the outside third party company that filtered resumes thought that C172 was better than C130 because it’s a larger number. Moral of the story, get rid of all middle men, do it yourself, and do it right.
          Back when I was learning to fly... the airport where I flew was a combined military/civilian base. One day we’re taxing to the runway in a c172. Ahead of us is a Hercules waiting to taxi onto the runway. Instructor says “watch out for the C130”. Having “one of those moments” I respond “C130? I see the Hercules, nothing else...”. :-/