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Rockford/Jet drill press

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  • Rockford/Jet drill press

    I recently acquired a Rockford R14s drill press that is missing the quill.I think it an early Jet JDP14mf.
    I am not sure if parts are available to resurrect it. I really could use a drill press of this size.
    Does anyone know of a parts source? I checked with e parts and could buy a new drill press for less
    money (If Ii could afford it!).
    Thanks FUZZY

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    Guy 1: "I bought a Mercedes Benz for $300!"
    Guy 2: "Score!"
    Guy 1: "I went to ask about a new starter and they wanted THREE TIMES AS MUCH AS I PAID FOR THE CAR"
    Guy 2: "Just because you got an expensive thing cheap doesn't mean they make the whole parts line cheaper, numb nuts!"


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      That IS a bit cold.....

      But the OP has the option of making a quill. There have been , in the magazines, a couple articles on refurbishing, so the basics on fitting the quill to the guides are available.

      It's a drill press, so standard reasonable quality roller bearings should be fine. Interesting lathe project, with a bit of milling to put in the teeth for the handwheel pinion. That has also been covered in the magazines, the author did that with a fly cutter setup.

      A do-able project, do it and write it up for the magazine! The magazine can use articles with good content.
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        Thanks for the feedback(all of it!). have been doing some research (and tearing it down).
        I will post when I make some progress.



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          Check Grizzly for parts. Likely they are interchangeable, and their prices are reasonable