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Lathe collet chuck with a miniumum 30mm(ER50? but 40mm would be ideal) capacity??

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    Originally posted by MasterMaker View Post

    All of this is why I would prefer a ER50 over something else, 16c looks interesting but the prices are less so(if one can even find a page with the price listed...)
    Why would those reasons create a preference? I suppose they offer a broad range of clamping with less collets, that's one point for them. Single taper collets are also going be a lot more expensive for the chuck and collet, I doubt there are any offshore 2J offerings, but maybe. Another point scored. However the high end ones, i.e. Hardinge, are around as sets for reasonable dollars. Sourcing used is less convenient, another point. ok, I get it....still, a used set of Hardinge collets and Hardinge Sjogren chuck is imo the superior solution.

    Did you look into the 2J size? Many reasons for single taper have been listed. Some you might not think apply to you, fair enough, but others like holding shorter lengths may be applicable. Given a choice, the systems intend for work holding offer advantages imo.

    Then there's the torque. An ER40 is listed as required 130 ftlbs....afaik as I know that means you need put the holder in a tightening fixture on bench (or clamped at the end of the mill table) ER50 is going to be worse. This doesn't matter for ISO 40 mill holders but it might on the lathe. I grant that for turning you probably don't need that full torque, but still, its getting up there...vs a 2J chuck where you manually spin the ring.

    If 2J isn't big enough, go with 3J and there are others systems offering whatever is needed.

    edit. The other option that would get you into that size range the Jacobs rubberflex chucks & collets. I've one that like the 2J goes to 1.375". I would almost always reach for the 2J, but the Jacobs as the advantage, like the ER, of a continuous range. its an over rated advantage imo as almost always you're trying to hold something of a nominal size, but it does happen
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