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bought a 50 ton press - now how to get it home?

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    Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
    Just be glad you don't have a 1550 lb milling machine in your basement.
    Oh, but I had a Bridgeport in my old basement shop! Had to go in down an ancient exterior stairwell with concrete stairs that were cracked and wouldn't take the weight. Had to have a boom truck put it down the stairwell. When I moved to my current shop back in '99, I bought a truck with a knuckle boom and picked it back out of there myself. I sold that truck after the move and actually did OK, so the move didn't cost me that much.

    Anyway, I got the press home tonight. His neighbor came over with a tractor, so all my worrying was for naught. They set it down on my little flatbed trailer on its feet and I just strapped it down tight and idled it home. At home, it only took a couple of minutes to pick the thing off the trailer with the gantry and set it down onto a dolly. Then I just rolled it into my shop.

    I'll try to weigh it tomorrow. I doubt it weighs 500 pounds.



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      Congratulations on getting it moved without any problems.
      Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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        This little press is stronger than it looks. It pumped right up to 30 tons without a murmur. See: