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    Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
    I was referring to the crater on the tip of the welding rod not a crater in the actual weld. Sorry for the confusion.
    I realized that after it was written but I just didn't bother to delete it.

    I usually just dropped partially used rods in the bucket. My welding instructor always said "one bad x-ray will buy a whole lot of rod so don't cheap out". A lot of the rods we used where $100/LB and it was still cheaper to throw rods away then take a chance F#(%!^g up a job with a bad spot in a weld. Working at home where you buy your own rods and the welds are not so critical, 'nother story.

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      Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
      Damn Willy, you running for office! You should be serving pancakes to go with all that syrup.
      So this means I can count on your vote?
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        Originally posted by Willy View Post
        So this means I can count on your vote?
        Willy for President!
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