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  • OT stiriling engines

    OT Good Morning: Nice sunny morning here in northern W.Va. The stirling engines built by Jan Ridder, are these engines CNC machined or manual machine . Anyone here at HSM know where he gets the short glass cylinders for his coffee cup engines. AND would some one here at HSM tell me if my question are too OFF TOPIC, if so is there another place on this HSM site to ask OT questions. telescope[swarf]

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    I built a coffee cup sterling a while back and the displacer cylinder is made out of a piece of plexiglass tubing.
    Larry - west coast of Canada


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      I can't comment on Jan Ridders design, but imo its not at all OT so ask away. Welcome to the forum
      in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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        You can get glass tube here:
        I don't see the need to use such an unforgiving material. I made mine from stainless steel with a graphite piston and the combo works well. The displacer cylinder was made from plexiglass tube: I machined a 1/16" dia. O-ring groove on both ends and use a length of 1/16" O-ring cord to make O rings.



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          Look up a company called Airpot I believe. They make dash pot dampers for mechanical devices with a close fitting graphite piston running in a glass cylinder, virtually zero friction or stiction.