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  • Basic Machine Shop Videos

    I think with all the information out there today and the number of highly knowledgeable home shop machinist there are we often forget that the new guy probably doesn't know the basics. The video posted by flylo made me think of these.

    I seem to recall the original series was produce out of MIT and there were more videos, but I could have misrecalled. In just about every video there is one or two things I disagree with or think isn't quite right, but there is a lot of great basic getting started beginner information in these. There is nothing that moves me to start trash talking in the comments.

    Basic Metal-Working Skills, Part One

    Basic Metal-Working Skills, Part Two

    Basic Metal-Working Skills, Part Three

    They are relatively long (30-40 minutes), but they are in my opinion a good basic survey of many manual machine operations.
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    Here are the rest...


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      Mr Pete is hard to beat,

      Hmmm, I’m a poet and don’t know it.


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        "That Lazy Machinist":

        has a 30-video series for the beginner. The guy has 24 years experience teaching machine shop.

        His channel also has a number of project videos.