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    Hi all,

    Been lurking around here for quite awhile and I want to thank you for all the wisdom and wit I've gleaned. I stumbled across a YouTube video the other day praising a CBN grinding wheel for sharpening woodworking tools and then I received an email from Lee Valley (no affiliation) this morning and they are selling CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels. Here is the link to their page:

    Have any of you used the CBN wheels on your bench grinder and/or do you have any thoughts on them? They are intriguing to say the least.

    Best to all,

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    I have one that is slightly used. It is only about 1/4" thick and wide. I believe it was used on an automatic bandsaw sharpener in a commercial saw mill. It is very fine grit, (not marked,) and gives a wonderful finish. They sure are pricey compared to Alox wheels, but for your application, where nicks, dings and chipped corners are unheard of, it would be the only wheel you buy for the rest of your life.
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      I have wheels just like that on my Darex drill grinder, which is just a bench grinder with accessories. Everything Lee Valley says is true. CBN works very well on HSS.



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        I use CBN and diamond extensively. I like them. JR
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          .. yep both diamond and CBN


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            I got CBN wheels recently for my little sharpening table's bench grinder. I ordered a custom size (7 x 3/4 x 5/8"), grit and shape and got my 2 wheels for $213US shipped. I am very happy with them. They were made in Asia as I am certain Lee Valley's are. I got mine through KJR Distributing which is a guy named Ken Rizza <[email protected]> if you want to pursue this.

            If 6" wheels or 8" wheels work for you, Lee Valley's pricing seems fine to me.

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              Thanks for the replies. I have both 6 and 8 inch grinders and as I do both metal and woodworking, I sharpen a little bit of everything. After I get some other higher priority purchases made, such as more mill tooling, I may have to try one of these out. Thanks again for your advise.



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                I thought my newly-bought drill sharpener had a diamond wheel, but was surprised to discover that it is in fact CBN. So I read up about CBN and discovered that CBN is reckoned to be better than diamond for sharpening steel. It's something about the carbon of the diamond tending to migrate into the steel.

                CBN is second only to diamond in hardness.


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                  The CBN is for hardened tool steels (HSS among them) and diamond is for carbide.
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                    The grit erodes very quickly when you use diamond to grind any ferrous material. Carbon is soluble in iron at the kinds of temperatures seen in grinding.