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    Originally posted by rohart View Post
    There may be a general consensus - Jim S and J T - that punched cards were a pain in the neck. But I want to defend the metal trays that held them, and racks the trays were stacked in.

    I keep all my small stock in two stacks of six of those trays, and I have a twelve tray rack that I use for a variety of things - everything solder in one, wire spools in another... I traipsed around all those used office equipment shops in the nineties looking for more, but I suppose I was too late.

    Oh, and if I have to get some stock out of the bottom tray from my pile, I can tell you that gravity is switched on in my area, and is working to spec.
    Another blast from the past:


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      The old NC machines with punch paper tape were dangerous, I got some punching in my eye had to go to the hospital for cleaning out, they went right in the socket and a few turned up weeks later, irritating.


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        The was taken out of a burroughs business machine. Iirc..



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          There is a pretty cool computer museum here in Cockeysville:

          Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
          USA Maryland 21030