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    I have a Grizzly mill drill in my shop, and I'm not too happy with the belts on it. The rest of the machine is fine, but the belts make it rumble and vibrate quite a bit. I considered using urethane belts, but my smallest pulley is only 1-3/4" OD. The belts are B width to the best of my estimation and measurements, Anyone else out there have a similar problem and a solution?

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    When I had a similar type machine I changed the belts over to the "cog" type B section good quality (Gates I think), these worked very well, smooth etc even around the smallest diameter pulley. To improve it even more fit a VFD and pulley speed changes become less frequent. All the best.


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      There's an article in the apr-may 2003, [I think] Machinists Workshop dealing with the replacemant of the garbage belts, and a better tensioner. It worked so well for me, I wrote and submitted the article. The x series belts, with the notched backsides, do run smoother, and will give you a longer wrap around the sheaves. Therefore more power to the spindle.

      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
      Oregon, USA