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  • What to do with it?

    I bought a Richard Wilcox zig-zag roller chain conveyor. (paint line like). 430 foot long, with mtr, oiler, track, 1ph to 3ph inverter..

    I got it here.. No clue what to do with it.. it is not selling on ebay..

    I can use the inverter.. I got two of them now. It is a reliance inverter w/no documentation.

    Should I hang my dirty laundry on it and let it run around the yard?

    ANY ideals? ANybody need a amusement ride for thier grandkids?


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    You might try calling local painting job shops to see if they might be interested, or find painting or powder coating related message boards, and post a 'for sale' listing.

    Make sure your ebay listing says something like "Just what you need for Powder Coating or Electrostatic Painting" and then list every top brand of Powder Coating and Painting equipment you can it in somehow

    There are also dealers in this type of used equipment: Conveyors, etc.


    Finally, my last idea: We have a few Material Handling Companies locally who make and repair the stuff. Maybe you have a local who would be at least a source of better advice.

    Good luck.


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      Of all the stuff I've purchased on a whem, the thought of a zig-zag roller chain conveyor never entered my mind. What were you thinking?


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        I was thinking it was worth a 100k.. it may be to the right person.

        The 15oo footer is. I dechained it today, took 9 55 gal barrels to catch the chain..

        (building owner gave me over 3,000 feet of 2x2 tubing that was the support on the small unit.. took me days to take it down.) We are cutting it up into car ports.. 12 needed at the moment.. 16x20=200 in sheetmetal..

        ALSO, about 50 feet of ibeam and seven 16' posts.. He has been good to me.. I guess when he calls me in the middle of the night for some electrical work I will have to go.

        Heck I dunno, I guess I was not thinking.. except I sure liked that inverter hanging on the wall..

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