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Casting (Babbitt) putty question

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    Originally posted by Illinoyance View Post
    Geez. The guy was asking about what type of putty to use for a dam. He did not ask for a course in Babbitting bearings or did not ask to have his method attacked.

    Years ago I used plumbers putty as a dam when pouring a new bearing for my Little Giant hammer. It worked.

    Hmmm. When is a bearing the same as a leadscrew?


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      As I said, my plan to coat the lead screw with Babbitt was based on the recommendation from another member. I don't know enough about the process or application to make judgements about the feasibility. Obviously most feel it's a bad idea. I feel like I won't be able to add Babbitt to the inside of the nut evenly. For these two reasons I'm abandoning the Babbitt idea.
      I have modified lead screw nuts before by slitting and spreading or compressing them. I will do the same on this mill I suspect. Both the screw and the nut are worn so fixing one won't fix the backlash problem but should improve it. I have no problem dealing with backlash however I have the mill apart and figured I'd try to address the backlash.
      Fwiw the screw is .875" RH and about 3' long with the usual ends having larger diameter features. I may look around for a replacement screw and nut to explore the option of replacing both with new.

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