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    Rambler Cross Country

    Please excuse this bump, which I expect will be brief. I spotted this car in a swank Phoenix neighborhood yesterday. A gated community, I followed a tradesman's truck after he had punched in the code. Most of the cars parked on the street were tradesmen.

    I was shooting film, Ilford 100 Delta, which is why you see it here in black & white. If I blow up the image I can barely make out the lettering on the back fender: it says Rambler Custom. Looking at internet photos, my guess is that this is a 1956 Rambler Custom Cross Country.

    Can you confirm this?

    Allan Ostling

    Phoenix, Arizona


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      I remember seeing them, but was too young to remember the details of anything I wasn't around often. For example, I still remember the two rod-like protrusions with small lights which stuck out from the back of our 1950 Chevy.
      Anyway, I'd say this picture confirms your educated "guess":