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BP X axis controller update

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  • BP X axis controller update

    I finally found time to complete the upgrade on the controller to my original 6F BP mill X axis, as detailed here:

    Here is his original schematic from that site:

    I did discover a problem with that schematic: his direction reversing switch shows connections both normally closed, which will cause 8 amp fuses to blow until corrected. Ask me how i know.

    Below is my corrected schematic. I'm not an electronics wiz, but it made more sense to put a momentary switch on the rapid traverse than the toggle switch he shows above.

    More images to follow.

    Dan L

    Salem, Oregon

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    I was able to put the relays and controller board into the same area as the original board was, but it was tight:

    Below you can see the controller potentiometers allowing adjusting of 6 parameters. These may need a little more tweaking:

    Because I was basically forced to orient the controller board perpendicular to the bottom of the cavity given the sizes of the relays and their sockets, I wanted to fab an extended sheet metal cover for the original housing:

    I'm pleased with the result for the most part. One thing I am noticing is a weirdness in the use of the rapid travel: at some speeds it seems to have no effect, while at others, it ramps up to full speed slowly, over 5-6 seconds, which is not how the normal speed settings operate. They accelerate fairly quickly like I'm used to, in either direction. I suspect there is a flaw in my setup somewhere, but I can live with it. Perhaps one of our electronically adept members will have further insight on this.

    Dan L
    Salem, Oregon