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  • Small mill project (SMP)

    I got a small used cnc mill a year or 2 ago and have not had a chance to go through it and fix it up. The ways (sliding surfaces) look really good - but most everything else needs a little TLC. (ball nut mounts not parallel to the slides and such)

    The mill is torn down to its individual parts and being gone through. Currently working on the Z axis slide. Again - the sliding surfaces look great - but the mating surfaces are a bit off.

    What to do.. Mount it on the big mill of course!

    Using some ground rod/123 blocks to make sure the ways are parallel and perpendicular to the K&T.

    True up the mounting surfaces... (took off about .002")

    And done..

    Things to do yet on the Z axis column..
    - mill the relief for the ball screw nut further. (go into the more later)
    - mill the mounting holes so they are symetrical. (they are all over the place.)
    - mill some line up edges for mounting to the base. (I am adding a 4 inch riser block so there is more space between the spindle and the table)

    I think that is it for now.
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    This is it cutting before I took it apart


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      would you have a picture of the whole machine?


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        Hmm - That is a good question... I didn't really think about documenting it until I had it tore apart.. Go figure.

        Oh - I have a crappy one...


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          This is what really set off the 'go through'

          The x axis ball nut block was not mounted parallel to the ways. (poor thing) and the more I dug into it - the more little problems there was. (not unexpected - this was a prototype)

          This should be one solid machine once I am done.



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            Found a chunk of cast iron (part of an old grinder..) to make a 4 inch riser. (this is to raise the Z column)

            I needed a piece about 7"X5"X9".


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              Where is the SMP? Are you rebuilding/processing both X and Y axis's at the same time symmetrically?


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                Started on the base (y axis)

                mounted it similar to the vertical column.. Then trued the feet to the ways then cut some reference points..

                Now - flip it and make some measurements and reference points.


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                  4" Riser block kit... slight machining required. ..


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                    The hacking has started...


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                      Kinda like watching paint dry.. Guess I should work on some other things..


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                        it is 'squared'... Now on to machining...


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                          you cut that with just a stanley knike? Crikey!

                          kidding aside, it's fun to see the contrast between the 2 mills. One of the first pics with the monster endmill (2"?) really put things into perspective. Looking forward to the rest.


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                            the base and vertical off the mill.. I am happy so far.

                            Now on to the riser block...

                            Mounted - once I get a side flat - it should be easier to square up. I can rotate the table and do 2 sides with one setup - which makes them very square.

                            First cut..

                            First cut finished... Going to have to take maybe another .05" or so.


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                              Hell of a job, reminded me of being in work for some reason, everything was a performance, card do this till that’s done, can’t do that till somthing else arrives, ad nausium.
                              Well done is all I can say.